Welcome from the cake baker

I love making cakes and have put together my best recipes, designs and ideas for you.

Cake making is becoming more of an art than ever. They are no longer just tasty they look good too. You can create some wonderful designs with a taste to die for and I will show you how.

Take a look around this site. I have cake recipes for every type of cakes you can think of and there are also birthday, Christmas and wedding designs as well as cakes for lots of other occasions.

You don’t have to be an experienced cake maker to make a delicious, fluffy cake simply follow the instructions exactly and everything will turn out fine.

How to Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies: Insider Secrets
Not commonly known tips, hints, and secrets that will make your chocolate chip cookies turn out crispy on the outside, buttery and moist on the inside, and stay that way for days! 48 color step by step photos with concise directions.

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Cake-Baker Updates
Latest updates at the Cake Baker from the cake maker.
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake is wonderfully versatile and easy to make. Chocolate is easy to work with and has a rich irresistible flavour that makes sensational cakes
Cheesecake Recipes
Have a look at these cheesecake recipes for some easy to make desserts. Homemade cheesecake is very different from shop or restaurant bought products
Traditional Cakes
Traditional cakes recipes and derections on cooking.
Cup Cakes
Cup cakes and little cakes and bun recipes
Healthy Cakes
healthy cakes aren’t really all that healthy. They are healthier than other cakes.
Wedding Cake
Wedding cake information and ideas. Weddings are full of traditions, one such tradition is the cake. This is a traditional cake that is served to the guests usually at the wedding reception
Christmas Cake
Traditional christmas cake for the festive period a simple easy to follow recipe and decorations ideas
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Downloadable Recipe Ebooks
Here are you will find instant healthy, vegan and diabetic recipe ebooks ready to download today
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Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe
A chocolate Swiss roll recipe that is easy to make.
Chocolate Victoria Sandwich
A chocolate Victoria sandwich recipe.
Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe
A chocolate cheesecake recipe with brandy.
Bitesize Cheesecake Recipes
These bitesize cheesecake recipes are made using deep bun tins to give you more filling. These bitesize cheesecakes should be served warm
Nobake Blueberry Cheesecake
This nobake blueberry cheesecake is easy and quick to make.
Rock Cake Recipe
A rock cake recipe that is easy to make
Butterfly Cake Recipe
This butterfly cake recipe or fairy cake recipe is quick and easy to make and great for children’s parties
Doughnut Recipe
An easy doughnut recipe
Hot Cross Buns
Make hot cross buns with this simple recipe.
Oat Rounds
A recipe for oat rounds that is a healthy alternative.
Carrot Cake Recipe
This carrot cake recipe is healthier than most.
Yoghurt Cake Recipe
This is anunusual yoghurt cake recipe
Easy Wedding Cake
An easy wedding cake recipe that can be used with any form of decoration.
Wedding Cake Fountain Stands
Information on wedding cake fountain stands
Gethsemani Fruit Cake
Gethsemani fruit cake recipe and instructions.
Keepsake Wedding Cake Box
A keepsake wedding cake box just for you to keep from your big day.
Cake Baking Recipe Books
Your one stop book shop, get all the Cake Baking Recipe Books you could need
Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake
Winter wonderland wedding cake examples and information
Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe
A Strawberry cheesecake recipe that doesn't need to be baked.
Battenburg Cake Recipe
A battenburg cake recipe - the checkerboard cake!
Rich Boiled Fruit Cake
A rich boiled fruit cake recipe
Lemon Cheesecake Recipe
A lemon cheesecake recipe that is quick and easy.
White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe
A white chocolate cheesecake recipe that doesn't need to be baked.
Chocolate Tart Recipe
A tasty chocolate tart recipe. Easy and simple to make
Lemon Chocolate Tart
Easy to make lemon chocolate tart. An easy to follow recipe.
Chocolate Meringue Pie Recipe
Simple Chocolate Meringue Pie. Fabulous recipe.
Chocolate Bread Pudding
A chocolate bread pudding with a taste to die for. In just 3 hours.
Chocolate Fruit Crumble
An easy hot chocolate fruit crumble ready in an hour.
Butterscotch Banana Cake
A light and healthy Butterscotch Banana Cake using sunflower oil and yoghurt
Cherry Crumble Cheesecake
A quick and easy Cherry Crumble Cheesecake
Coconut Milk Cake
A delightful layered Coconut Milk Cake with Meringue Buttercream
Coffee Brazil Nut Cake
A double Espresso Coffee Brazil Nut Cake. For all Coffee Cake Lovers.
Ginger Stout Cake
Try something different. A Ginger Stout Cake this is a great cake to make.
Rich Chocolate Cake
A Moist Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe to die for!
Baileys Cheesecake Recipe
A delightful Baileys Cheesecake made with Baileys, Mascarpone using Gelatine to set
Orkney Fudge Cheesecake Recipe
This wonderful Orkney Fudge Cheesecake recipe uses real Orkney Fudge or will quite simply compliment your own favorite fudge or table
Banana Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe
A simple Banana Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe.
Chocolate Marshmallow Cake Recipe
Chocolate Marshmallow Cake another great Recipe using Chocolate
Fresh Fruit Flan recipe
A delightful tasty and heathy fresh fruit flan recipe. A fruit flan to enjoy anytime.
Double Chocolate Muffins
This Double Chocolate Muffins Recipe is a chocolate muffin recipe which is quick and easy to make and a must for all chocolate lovers.
Cappuccino Cake Recipe
This Cappuccino Cake Recipe is the best Cappuccino Cake I have made. This is an easy Recipe to follow.
Apple Pear Crumble
An Apple Pear Crumble Recipe. A nice Healthy Crumble Recipe for you to make.
Chocolate Coffee Cake
A nice Chocolate Coffee Cake with coffee syrup, delightful recipe for Chocolate cake with a coffee syrup
Chocolate Apple Cake
A fine Chocolate Apple Cake. This chocolate cake recipe combines the use of chocolate and apple to make a wonderful cake for you to enjoy.
Date and Walnut Loaf Recipe
A nice sweet date and walnut loaf recipe to sweeten your day.
Pineapple Passion Cake Recipe
Here we have a pineapple passion cake recipe, for all you fruit and cake lovers out there
Millionaires Shortbread Recipe
Have you tried my millionaires shortbread recipe? You've just got to try this shortbread recipe.
Almond Hazelnut Gateau
Here we have a delightful Almond Hazelnut Gateau recipe from the cake maker.
Caramel Mousse Recipe
Here is a quick and easy Caramel Mousse Recipe made with Mars Bar and cream
Chocolate Orange Cake
This Chocolate Orange Cake recipe is another great cake recipe from the cake maker
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swiss roll recipe
This very special swiss roll recipe was given to me by an old friend to try and boy was I glad she did it is fabulous
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