1000's of Cake Recipes

Cake recipes and decorating ideas
for creating your perfect dessert for any occasion.

What are the ingredients for a good time?

Family, friends, fun and food...especially cake!

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Think about all the special celebrations in your life; I bet each and every one of them featured at least one of these scrumptious party pastries!

Cakes are a must for any gathering of family and friends and a perfect centerpiece for all the special moments in your life.

  • Birthdays - How can you sing Happy Birthday without a cake?
  • Weddings - If you are going to follow tradition you have to cut the cake.
  • Holidays - Cakes are a must have for celebrating the holidays, especially Christmas.
  • Baby Showers - Having a cute cake decorated for your baby will make it a special event.
  • Graduations - Even graduates like having a cake to celebrate.
  • And more!

Explore my collection of recipes, find the perfect cake for you then gather your ingredients and let me walk you through from start to finish making your finished cake creation.

Get creative and mix and match every flavor of cake and frosting. The possibilities are endless!

Recipes And Decorating Ideas!

Why just have cakes when you can have a work of art?

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Put your creativity to work and use the many cake decorating ideas here to really put a smile on your family and friend's faces.

By combining these fantastic recipes with different elements, colors and textures you will be designing and decorating cakes that leave them talking for weeks!

Best Cake Recipes

Here are some quick links to our fabulous cakes. Try them and let me know what you think.

Recently Added Recipes

Our recently added recipes, tips and ideas are posted here. See whats new and try them out. They can be used for any occasion.

So go a head and try them, you won't be sorry you did.

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