Cake Baker Supplies and Cheats

Think you don't have enough cake baker supplies and equipment in your kitchen? 

You really only need a few items if you have a good strong arm, although some of the more elaborate recipes really benefit from an electric mixer.  (Sponge cakes to name an example.)

The Most Basic Cake Baker Supplies

Beginner cake bakers might need just a few items, like these, to begin learning about baking and making delicious cakes.

A mixing bowl or two

A large mixing bowl is the bare minimum, but some recipes tell you to mix dry ingredients in one bowl and wet ingredients in another.

Measuring cups and spoons

You can get by with one measuring cup if you want to keep equipment to a minimum, but it might save you time and be more convenient if you have a set of different measures or multiple sets.

A wooden spoon or a sturdy metal one

A wooden spoon is good for mixing a large bowl of batter.  I’ve mixed batters with a dinner fork, so this item isn’t actually required for making a cake, but it’s a handy tool.  You might also consider a spatula which is good for scraping the sides of the bowl.

A baking pan

Some cakes are made in layers, some are single layers or loaf pans, and sponge and angel cakes are done in a taller tube type pan.  Beginning cake bakers might want to invest in a pair of layer pans to make a traditional layer cake.  You can also make single layer cakes in one of them.

I often use casserole dishes for coffee cakes or snack cakes that aren’t layered, and if you already have a loaf pan for meatloaf, you can use that to make pound cakes.

If you only have one pan, you can still make a layer cake by slicing the cake into a top and bottom.

An oven

Ideally, you’ll use an oven to bake your cakes, but it is possible to bake in a toaster oven or even a crock pot. Getting the cake out might be a challenge, though.

Cake Baker Supplies: Nice to Have Items

Although you can make a cake without these items, a sifter or mesh strainer can make blending dry ingredients easier.  A fork can work, though.

An old fashioned crank beater makes beating the ingredients easier than a spoon or fork, and a hand held electric mixer can get have you making cakes for years.

  • A sifter or wire mesh strainer
  • A rotary beater or hand mixer

A Recipe Box

It’s a good idea to keep a cake recipe box or journal to record your favorite recipes, whether it is a virtual recipe box or a real one with note cards. 

Of all the cake baker supplies, this might be the most important one.

The Well Equipped Cake Baker Supplies List

If you love baking, then you’ll want to broaden your cake baking tool chest.  Make a wish list so the next time someone wants to buy a gift for Mother’s Day, your birthday, or whatever occasion, you’ll know exactly what to ask for next. 

A stand mixerWish List: Stand Mixer

Get your family familiar with the Wilton supplies for cake baking in your favorite craft store, or maybe even Walmart, and they’ll never need to ask what gift to get. 

You may even live near another baking supply store, like Williams-Sonoma or similar kitchen supply store, and there’s always the find-anything option of Amazon, which I use all the time.

A Stand Mixer

After the basics listed above, die-hard cake bakers will want, dare I say need, a stand mixer because freeing your hands makes it easier to do the long jobs of whipping cream or egg whites. 

And impatient types like me will have an easier time lasting the full 3 to 5 minutes of beating the batter, if we can multi-task while the mixer does the boring work.

Cooling racks and pans

Cooling racks, an assortment of pan sizes, parchment paper, and a blender are helpful items for a well-equipped cake baker kitchen. 

Pans to consider might be a springform pan, a tube pan, various sized round pans if you want to make a stacked cake, a loaf pan for pound cakes, a cupcake pan.  There are so many to choose from!  Pans are definitely an item for your wish list.

Cake Storage

For serving and storing a cake at home, a cake dome makes a beautiful focal point for your counter or table with your delicious cake masterpiece inside.  If you plan to take your cake creations out of the house, then you’ll need a cake carrier or two.

Decorating Tools

When you start decorating cakes, you might want a decorator’s set of tips and bags.

Don't forget food coloring, sprinkles, and pre-made icing (until you develop your own decorating style, at least.)

For a professional touch, cake boards and boxes make moving finished cakes much easier.

If you decide to branch out and try your hand at fondant cake decorating, you might want a fondant roller.

This is a handy tool that is longer than a rolling pin so that you can pick up large sheets of fondant for a seamless cover and professional looking finish.